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How To Fold A Pocket Square

Ahh, the lifelong question: what is the right way to fold a pocket square?
Pocket squares are a great way to add some color and personality to your outfit.
Boost your look in just 1 minute by mastering these seven essential folds.

Square fold

This is the simplest and most basic of all folds, it is also the most classic. That is why it is sometimes called the Presidential fold.

Lay your pocket square flat.

Fold your pocket square in ½ to form a rectangle

and then in ½ again to form a square

It’s that easy - tuck the edges in first for a more formal look, or keep the edges visible to show off your handmade masterpiece. Both are acceptable

How to wear it: This fold is clean, elegant and formal. Pair it with any tailored suit or sport coat whether you want to impress your boss or your in-laws.


One point fold

Another classic

Fold diagonally to make a triangle

With the point away from you, fold the right and left tips over on eachother

It should look like an envelope. Finally fold the last point over and tuck into your pocket.


The 4 Peaks Fold

The peak fold is the most common way to display a pocket square. Done right, it’s also the most expressive.

Fold into the classic square fold. Then grab the four corners and gfan them our evenly, creating four evenly spaced peaks. Use a solid color square for a more conservative look or a bold silk one for a bold statement.


The Rose

Although this fold may look simple at first glance, The Rose fold requires a bit of finesse and dexterity to execute it to perfection. When properly folded, the folds will spiral out from the center like a rosebud in bloom. Execution is key and subtle adjustments will go a long way. Satin silk pocket squares are highly recommended for this fold due to the luster and richness the curving folds create.

First form a circle with your hand by bringing your thumb and index finger to touch. Place the pocket square over your hand and gently push it through the circle you have just created. Pinch your fingers together to hold the square in place and then twist the top fabric in a circular motion allowing the fabric to overlap creating petal like folds. Carefully hold the top twisted folds while you remove your pinched finders from underneath. Adjust the folds as needed, making sure not to let the folds untwist as you do so and carefully position in your pocket. You may need further adjustments once in upir pocket.


The Puff

Arguably the easiest fold, some men just can’t get this one right. Lay the square on a flat surface with the print facing up. Form a circle above the center of the square by bringing your thumb and index finger to touch. With your other hand, pinch the midpoint of the square and pull through the circle you created and hold gently as if you have a baby bird in your hands. Stuff the baby bird into your jacket pocket and...vuala’! The desired result is to have a small puff of fabric coming out your suit pocket.


The Reverse Pouf

A.K.A. The messy version of the four peaks.

By now you know how to create the perfect puff. Just flip it upside down and stuff the puff in your pocket showing just the four peaks.

And for my last trick...


The Dunaway Fold

This one combines the puff with two peaks for a bold and daring look sure to get you noticed. Great for special occasions and formal events.

First Create a puff fold. When you are holding the baby bird in your hand, gently grab the bottom tips of the square and twist fold upward.

By now I hope you realized that there is really no wrong way to fold a pocket square. Have fun with it