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We’re always looking for talented, creative individuals who are customer service oriented and have a passion for luxury retail to join our team.

Email to apply for any of the positions listed below!


Sales Associate

A Retail Sales Associate at Damiani is responsible for all sales activities and sales associate job duties, from greeting customers, answering questions, offering assistance, suggesting items, lending opinions and providing product information. This position requires extensive knowledge of men’s fashion.


Buyers Assistant

The purchasing team manages both raw materials buying process for custom made orders as well as designer brand buying and seasonal order management.


Retail Operations

Retail Operations include all the activities needed in order to properly manage a store including customer service, inventory management, cash and invoice management, sales orders and packaging.



We can’t run a business without a good accountant. This job position includes reconciling processed orders, payroll,; preparing checks and maintains accounting ledgers by verifying and posting account transactions.


Content Creator - Photographer, Editor &  Writer

This position is crucial to for creating brand awareness and ensuring consistent image and positioning for Damiani. They create and produce the advertising campaigns, manage social media posts, create blog posts and email newsletters. This requires creativity, strong communication and organization skills.


Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandisers play a key role in attracting, engaging, and motivating customers. Providing creative solutions for windows and for in-store visuals. Attention to detail, creativity, product sensitivity, understanding of luxury world and of the customer experience drivers are key features for this position.



We are always looking for a fresh face (and body) to model our clothing. Ideal suit measurements are a US size 40.


Graphic Designer

We are looking for a talented Menswear Graphic Designer who is passionate for both digital and hand drawn graphic artistry and menswear fashion.


Tailor & Seamstress

If you are a Professional Tailor/Seamstress and your love of this art is something you enjoy, we are always looking for someone to perform hand and machine sewing for alterations on of clothing.


E-Commerce Manager

Managing the on-line store activities such as product selection and assortment, merchandising, promotions and customer service. Working in the E-Commerce team means having excellent project management and communication skills, product and collection sensitivity, ability to adapt quickly to sales trends, passion for collecting and analyzing data, understanding of the customer experience and how it relates to technology.