You are not just average, so why should we be? Experience all we have to offer.


Our on-site tailor shop is at your disposal for alterations to all your purchases. We even provide same-day service for those last-minute emergencies or minor alterations.



One of Damiani's specialties is in the "Custom Made In Italy" department. You can create your own suits, jackets, pants, shirts and even jeans.

As talented as a local tailor may be, he can only provide the limited patterns and materials on hand. At Damiani, we work with many different brands and have access to thousands of fabrics for you one of a kind creation. Our stylist will work with you to design the best garment for your needs. All of our partners in Italy are sure to deliver a suit that is smart and sexy - and a good value. You won’t find a better short-term plan to look your best.


We get it, you are a busy man. If our store hours don't fit your schedule, call us. If you’re a morning person who finds 7 a.m. the ideal time for your Damiani experience, we will arrange to be here. Does the Miami traffic put you in your driveway at 9 p.m.? No problem. Shopping by appointment allows us to give you the personal attention and time you need, whenever your schedule permits.


We pride ourselves on knowing what is in your closet. When you’re shopping for tat new wardrobe, our stylist can come to your home and inventory what you already have and suggest what needs to be retired or replaced. Yes, like that blazer from 2015 you’ve worn a million times. We can even photograph outfits so that you know how to perfectly coordinate both the old and new.


We understand that sometimes it’s a challenge to get to the store to pick up your alterations. Just let us know when and where, and we’ll be happy to deliver them to you.




Like any gracious host, we want to make sure our guests are comfortable. We always keep our bar stocked with your favorite beer, liquor and coffee.




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