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Custom Shirts


Fit Consultation

Meet with a personal stylist at Damiani to get measured and create a shirt designed to your specific measurements and preferences.

Choose Your Fabric

One of the most popular and luxurious fabric mills we work with is Thomas Mason, known for their high-quality cotton fabrics. Other high-quality options include Albini and Canclini.

Collar Options

When designing a custom-made shirt, selecting the right collar style is crucial. It must match the person's body as well as the lapel of their jacket. The two most popular collar models are semi-spread and spread collars, but there are several other collar options to consider: point, button-down, hidden button-down, mandarin and more. The height of the collar may also be altered.

Cuff Types

Consider the formality of the occasions you'll be wearing the shirt for, your personal style, and how you intend to accessorize your cuffs (with cufflinks or buttons) when choosing the cuff type for your custom shirt. Each cuff type offers a unique look, and the right choice can enhance the overall aesthetic of your tailored shirt.