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Bespoke vs. Made-To-Measure

Pattern making is an art - and art is expensive. 
Truly bespoke clothing requires creating a new pattern from scratch for each person. There is no base pattern and no predetermined measurements.
Only the most skilled craftsmanship can create a bespoke garment because of the amount of details that go into it. Luckily here at Damiani, our expert stylist and master tailors work together to determine your perfect fit.
Not only will we take body measurements, but we will also take into consideration your posture
  • Sloped shoulders
  • Pronounced chest
Your measurements and specifications will be sent to Italy and your custom made clothing will arrive in just a couple of weeks.
It is necessary to have multiple fittings throughout the production of the garment. The first time you make a bespoke jacket, be prepared to wait 4 months from the time you select your fabric to the ftime your final garment arrives. But don’t fret, once it’s perfect we will save your measurements and streamline the process down to just once month for all your following garments.
A quicker and more economic alternative is Made-to-Measure (MTM). Over the years, this has become the most popular option for custom made suits. MTM programs are based off a pattern and size that already exists. Our stylist and tailors will take at least 16 measurements and take your posture into consideration to insure you get the perfect fit in under a month.
  • Classic: a looser fitting suit for a more comfortable man
  • Contemporary: A modern suit that mixes sleek tailoring and
  • Slim Fit: closely fit suit with higher armholes and slimmer waist
  • Model: single or double breasted
  • Shoulder: Classic fully padded, smaller padding, unconstructed shoulder
  • Lapel: Peak, Notch & Shawl
  • Buttons: horn, mother of pearl
  • Button holes
  • Pocket design: slanted, straight, ticket pocket
  • Vents
  • Lining design: fully lined, ½ lined or unconstructed

Luxury Tailoring

Create elegant Suits that easily divide into separates for refined off-duty looks.

Oasi Lino Overshirt

This lightweight, breathable overshirt is styled with the classic shirt collar and cuffs, while a hidden button closure creates a more streamlined silhouette

Triple Stitch Sneaker

Seen here in the SECONDSKIN material, it is exceptionally lightweight, soft and resistant to creasing