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Brioni Bespoke Service

The personalized service dedicated to satisfying the unique sartorial needs of the worlds most influential gentlemen. As an homage to the Brioni man, the bespoke service offers exclusivity and discretion, delivering artisanal excellence, tailored to your exact requirements.

Brioni invites you to discover a new world of bespoke, where under the guidance of our Damiani Expert Stylist and Tailors, clients have the opportunity to dictate every fundamental detail of their garment's architecture. Select each element, from the fabric, to the cut, style and shape, to the buttons, lapel and lining. Your personal tailor will deliver a one-of-a-kind piece of artistry, executed with the utmost precision, to define your personal style. 


The Brioni house is home to an extensive archive, featuring an unrivalled selection of more than 800 fabrics ranging from the rare and unique, to the more traditional and classically elegant. These include a wide range of light cashmere, cashmere and exceptionally fine wool materials, available in a vast selection of colours and patterns, all of which are offered to Bespoke customers

Luxury Tailoring

Create elegant Suits that easily divide into separates for refined off-duty looks.

Oasi Lino Overshirt

This lightweight, breathable overshirt is styled with the classic shirt collar and cuffs, while a hidden button closure creates a more streamlined silhouette

Triple Stitch Sneaker

Seen here in the SECONDSKIN material, it is exceptionally lightweight, soft and resistant to creasing