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This is the greatest party of your life. DRESS ACCORDINGLY

As wedding season approaches, all eyes are on the bride's gown, but let's not forget about the groom's attire! If you're a groom-to-be looking for the perfect outfit, you're in luck! Our stylists are here to ensure you look and feel incredible for your wedding. 

Casual & Colorful

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Casual and Colorful: Outfits for a Chic Celebration

White isn't only reserved for the bride.

Share the spotlight at your summer wedding with this light and elegant dinner jacket. Shown here with classic styling – a matching waistcoat, white shirt, black trousers, black satin bow tie, and black velvet plain toe loafers.

Elevate the classic black-tie dress code with this elegant white bamboo dinner jacket featuring a satin peak lapel with covered buttons and satin detail on the besom pockets.

Destined to impress at your next summer event. This solid faille weave made from S100 wool boasts a silky and lustrous hand-feel. Here in off-white, perfect for garden soirées and weddings with a neutral palette.

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Black Tie With A Twist

A black tuxedo is a classic and elegant choice for formal occasions, especially weddings. If you want to stand out, consider a navy tuxedo like the one shown here. This tuxedo is made from a blend of wool and mohair, using a tropical weave technique, which creates a smooth and crisp texture. The combination of wool and mohair also gives the tuxedo a unique and refined appearance.

The tuxedo comes with a matching waistcoat, which adds an extra touch of sophistication and style. The waistcoat can be worn with or without the jacket, providing versatility and comfort throughout the day.

To complete the ensemble, we recommend pairing the tuxedo with a stud front tuxedo shirt, bow tie, and patent leather loafers. These accessories complement the tuxedo's elegant and refined appearance, creating a polished and sophisticated look.

Overall, a tuxedo is a perfect choice for grooms and groomsmen who want to look their best on their special day. The combination of classic style, high-quality materials, and customization options make it a timeless and versatile choice for any formal event. Check out more colors below.

The Morning Coat: The Most Elegant Ceremony Garment

A morning coat is a type of formal men's coat that is typically worn for daytime events such as weddings, races, and other formal occasions. It is also known as a cutaway coat or a morning suit, and it is characterized by its tapered front and long tails at the back.

This timeless black morning jacket is perfect for a traditional wedding. The fabric is an Italian S120 wool sablé with a slight sheen in a superior material designed specially for life’s milestone moments.

When wearing a morning coat, it is important to pair it with the appropriate accessories to create a polished and elegant look. We recommend styling it with a waistcoat, pinstripe trousers, and calfskin shoes to complete the look.

Make this jacket your own with our many customization options to choose from.